My start…… My middle …… and where I am going…. Me……. My birthday is March 2nd I’m a Pisces sign and yes I do love the water=). I am 100% Cambodian. I was born in a refugee camps in Thailand. My mother and I were sponsored from a church in Minnesota. I was raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota most of my life. It was a lot easier for me to adapt to the living and culture of America but my mother on the other hand had a hard time. I had to grow up fast to help my mother the best way I can. My mother’s up bringing was tuff and different. I had to create this new life for me in this new world she had no clue about. I grew up admiring the American beauty and talent. I always ask myself how do they become so famous wanted and admire by so many, I too wanted that life, the dream….. As I got older I gain a better understanding and knowledge on how to make my dreams a reality. With experience comes with trials and errors I’m grateful for each step because I have grown and also succeeded but now is time to grow more. I have just recently moved to Los Angeles California. A huge new chapter in my life and it’s been nothing but an experience.

My goals/my dream is to leave my mark, my foot steps in the sand. To expand in many high end covers and to excel in acting. Singing is my outlet that I discovered in church. Music is the fuel to my soul and energy to preserver in this journey. I have started my own t-shirt/ tank line with screen print images of myself in a trendy hip style using great quality of materials. I hope to expand in many ways. The outcome of my achievements I hope one day to own my on non-profit organization that will give back to country in Cambodia. Not only providing the living essentials but also providing spiritual and metal help.

I enjoy many things on my free time. On a nice cool day I love being at the beach, playing with the water or simply just watching the waves. I sometimes take all my work and accomplish them by the water with the cool breeze and the wonderful sun. I love to read, draw and write poetry. In Minnesota I love to go fishing . Im not to crazy about working out but to stay in shape you have to do so. I love Italian and Mexican food. Im not much of a mix drink girl but more of a beer and straight shot girl=D hahha. I LOOOOOVE to dance, I love to sing, I love to cook, I love to cuddle and most important I love to Laugh=D. I love coffee in the morning and a nice glass of red wine at night. I love a guy that can make me laugh and is very gentle and attentive to my feelings.

I love a romantic setting or simply is the efforts and the thought that counts. I love sunflowers they are my favorite flowers. My favorite colors are royal blue, red and purple. My inspiration is my mother, my faith is in God, my accomplishment are a blessing and my life is a journey. I will, I am and so it is…….


Siray Kong XOXOXO